Who are the most inspiring Women in Test to follow?

Who are the most inspiring Women in Test to follow ?

Hey Brett,

There are a number of interesting women in the Testing world. Some of them are well known, others not so much. The best is that you can find most of them on Twitter and regularly read their blogs for more insights. However, I am going to name a few here.

These women are not only awesome testers but also great role models for all testers. Many of them are speakers at conferences, run workshops, write articles on testing, and organize events for women in testing. If you want to get inspired, learn new things and improve your skills, make sure you follow these women!

1. Beth Marshall

2. Angie Jones

3. Maaret Pyhajarvi

4. Marie Drake

5. Lisi Hocke

6. Elisabeth Hendrickson

7. Lisa Crispin

You can go through the following blog to know more about their work and contribution: