What's new in Cypress version 9.0.0?

What’s new in Cypress version 9.0.0??

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Hey Tom,

Here are some of the changes that I was noticed in Cypress 9.0.0:

  • The nodeVersion configuration now defaults to the system
  • Windows 32-bit is not supported in Cypress
  • Adding an existing built-in Cypress command using Cypress.Commands.add() will now throw an error
  • Bundled Node.js version is upgraded from 14.17.0 to 16.5.0
  • Custom command implementations are now typed based on the declared custom chainable

Hey Shahzebh, thanks for your quick reply. However, can you help me to understand if we can perform Visual testing using Cypress? If yes, then how?

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Hey Tom

To deep dive into more features of Cypress 9.0.0 and see how to perform visual regression testing using Cypress, you can go through the following blog:

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