What is the Mobile Testing Pyramid?

What is the Mobile Testing Pyramid?

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The “mobile testing pyramid” is the name for a highly recommended strategy for mobile testing. The basic idea is to test early and often, but in a way that doesn’t slow down development. That’s why it’s called the “pyramid”: at the bottom are automated checks (unit tests, integration tests and other kinds of automated tests). The next layer up is manual testing by real users. The top layer is exploratory testing by expert testers.

The idea behind the pyramid is to build automated checks early so that you can fix bugs before they become expensive to fix, and you can keep track of whether your new code breaks existing functionality. And since the most important thing in agile software development is keeping everyone focused on working software, using automated checks during development keeps everyone focused on writing good code that passes all the tests.

And as for manual testing by real users, face-to-face contact with real people who use your app has many benefits: it allows you to see your app from their perspective, it helps them get to know you and your team, it gives you ideas about how to improve your app and make it easier for people to use it.

Please go through the following blog to deep dive into Mobile Testing Pyramid:


Since it is not an easy task to pursue testing and development in an ongoing software development lifecycle, the mobile testing pyramid works as a structure for easy implementation of the test process and ensure rapid feedback. Most of the time, it is made to help agile teams work better.

There are basically four stages of the pyramid in which the whole mobile app testing process is worked. These include:

  • Testing for real devices in real life conditions
  • Real devices testing for usability testing and visual validations
  • To check end-user flows using simulators
  • To check responsiveness post-deployment through browsers

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