What is the best Go testing framework?

I want to know about the go testing framework. Please can anyone please tell me about it.

Go is a rapidly growing open source programming language designed for building simple, fast, and reliable software. Take a look here to see which great companies use Go to power their services.

The repository has all the necessary information to help developers learn more about the best options that are out there to develop web applications with Go.

While there are countless frameworks we only use gorilla/mux , this is an API framework. Quite good while handling API.

Echo, Gin and Buffalo are not really (fully featured) web frameworks but the majority of Go community thinks that they are.

Therefore they think that they are comparable with Iris, Beego or Revel, because of that we have the obligation to include them into this list as well.

All of the above frameworks, except Beego and Revel, can adapt any middle-ware that was created for net/http, some of those can do this with ease and others with some hacking .