What is ‘Select’ Class in Selenium WebDriver?

What is ‘Select’ Class in Selenium WebDriver?

Hey Miro,

‘Select’ class in Selenium WebDriver is used to implement the HTML Select elements. In other words, we can use it to automate interactions with dropdown options implemented using the html tag. Different Select class function includes the following:

  1. options(self)

  2. all_selected_options(self)

  3. first_selected_option(self)

  4. select_by_value(self, value)

  5. select_by_index(self, index)

  6. select_by_visible_text(self, text)

You can go through the blog on How To Handle Dropdowns In Selenium WebDriver Using Python? to see the practical implementation of Select class.

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Thanks Shahzeb, that was really helpful

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