What is ExpectedCondition in Selenium Webdriver?

Can someone explain what is ExpectedCondition in Selenium Webdriver?

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Hey Joe, ExpectedConditions are provided by Selenium Webdriver and are used with Explicit waits to check web elements with given locators. Explicit waits and Expected Conditions are used to verify a page’s title or validity of a URL or to simply identify the web elements. Some of the Expected Condition methods are:

ExpectedCondition < WebElement > elementToBeClickable(By locator)

ExpectedCondition < Boolean > elementToBeSelected(By locator)

ExpectedCondition < WebElement > presenceOfElementLocated(By locator)

ExpectedCondition < Boolean > titleContains(String title)

ExpectedCondition < Boolean > titleIs(String title)

ExpectedCondition < Boolean > urlContains(String fraction)

ExpectedCondition < Boolean > urlToBe(String url)

ExpectedCondition < WebElement > visibilityOfElementLocated(By locator)
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