What exactly is accessibility testing? How do we implement accessibility in real life?

I want to know what exactly is accessibility testing? Can anyone please help me out?


Hi @abhisheksharma9818 hope you are well. To answer your first question let me give you the basic explanation for accessibility testing, it a kind of testing which is performed on a Software/Webpage or any informative tool to make sure the content is fully grasped by specially abled people. The information which is conveyed through the software/webpage should be same for specially abled people and normal people, there should not be any differences in understanding that information.

Now coming to the second question, how do we implement accessibility in real life ? If you may have seen, there are n number of examples we come across in our daily life, one such example is Tack Tile, in the subways or corridors of our metros we have these tack tiles, these tack tiles are the perfect example of accessibility, a specially abled person will walk with the help of these tack tiles, another example is the voiceover in our iPhones, with the help of this Voiceover all information in the phone is easily accessible to any specially abled person and there are many so more examples like this.

I hope this explains your query, Happy Testing !