What care should be taken by web developer to handle browsers compatibility issues?

Please somebody inform me What care should be taken by web developer to handle browsers compatibility issues.

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Hey Tom,

Based on the complexity of the website, it may sometimes impossible to attain full compatibility, but a web developer can ensure that the website behaves seamlessly across browsers and OS combinations. Here is how to handle browser compatibility issues:

Clean Code: A website with highly optimized code and no avoidable elements that can be interpreted separately by various browsers can run seamlessly across different browser environments.

W3C Compliance: Once you have code ready for your website, the web designer will need to ensure that the website meets W3C standard requirements. Achieving W3C standards can be hard, but the closer you get to W3C compliant code, it will decrease the chance of browser compatibility issues.

Target Audience: Is the target audience mainly mobile device users, or do they use outdated browsers? Most of your web users use different browsers and devices.

Cross browser testing: Test your website on different browser environments before pushing it live. There are several best Cross browser testing tools available in the market to test across all browser and OS combinations.

Test on Popular browsers: Do research on the most popular browsers. You can either use Statista or Statcounter in order to get the statistics. The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Hope this helps!

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