What are the top reasons for cross browser testing of your eCommerce app?

Can anyone provide me some valueable information regarding the top reasons for cross browser testing of your eCommerce app.

To have a successful eCommerce business is all about reaching your customers with the best. Since eCommerce applications or websites need to handle a massive load of users who belong to different geographical locations and have access to different devices, operating systems, and browsers, cross-browser testing allows improving the performance across different browsers. Basically, cross-browser testing is about creating a smooth user-experience across all devices, irrespective of their screen size, operating system versions, or choice of browsers.

Some of the few additional reasons why cross browser testing is necessary include:

  1. Rapid debugging of the application or website (the bugs that may allow app to work fine on one browser but may cause trouble on the other).

  2. To overcome any type of compatibility issues that might cause users to resist on an eCommerce website.

  3. To ensure a similar form of navigation could be provided throughout different operating environments.