What are the top 10 software testing blogs and websites?

Want to go through the top 10 software testing blogs and websites. Please give me the links of best ones.

Finding out bugs can be a lot of fun, and not only for testers, but it’s also for everyone who wants their application to be free of bugs. However, apart from online tutorials, manuals, and books, to increase your knowledge, find a quick help to some problem or stay tuned to all the latest news in the testing domain, you have to rely on software testing blogs. Source: top 17 Software Testing Blogs that are deemed necessary for every software tester:

  1. Guru99
  2. DZone
  3. Software Testing Tricks
  4. Trishkhoo
  5. LambdaTest
  6. Software Testing Magazine
  7. Satisfice
  8. Automation Awesomeness
  9. Thinking Tester
  10. Software Testing Material

The software testing blogs listed here are based on personal preference and include information on various areas of testing. From VAPT to automated screenshot testing or From IoT to legacy SDLC/STLC you will find almost everything you need to know related to software testing. There are many others which you will find useful or suited according to your preference. Explore them and increase your knowledge.

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Since web is full of resources and data on testing, rating some blog into the top 10 category is quite difficult. But still, I can give you 10 good blog and website links that you can count on for any research or learning:

  1. Develop Sense

  2. DZone

  3. Software Testing Help

  4. ReQtest

  5. Google Test Blog

  6. Lambda Test Blog

  7. TestGuild

  8. Stack Exchange

  9. SmartBear Blog

  10. BugRaptors