What are the latest technologies in IT industry?

Please someone tell me what are the latest technologies in IT industry.

Following are some of the recent trends in IT field:

  1. SMAC: Social media, Mobile computing, Analytics and Cloud computing will rule the roost in the coming time. By 2020 there will be more than 5 billion mobile devices connected to internet. This means people will use internet more frequently and generate variety of data like photos, comments, status on social media, data related to browsing behavior, location related data etc. So techniques like digital marketing, big data analytic, distributed computing will be no more business enablers but become drivers of business. The need for vast amount of storage capacity and distributed computing will actually work in favour of cloud computing.

  2. Internet of things: There are hundreds of billions of devices in the world. Among them only a few are connected to internet (like PC’s and smartphones) and can communicate among themselves. Internet of things is the network of physical objects like cars, sensors which will be connected among themselves and will be able to exchange data among themselves without human intervention. The huge amount of data collected can be stored on storage devices (most probably on cloud) and big data analytic can be used to improve their performance and take better decision. So a car company can know the performance of your car if the car has sensors connected to internet of things and can send data to the server of the company. The company can actually correct the defects in the car in real time.

  3. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation: With advances in artificial intelligence and automation there are chances that in near future many of the work which are done now will be done by programs which can learn from the past experiences and can make decisions like humans. So things like monitoring projects, medical diagnosis, high frequency etc. can be done by intelligent software.

  4. LiFi: It is a technology related to telecommunications but can have significant impact on information technology. LiFi is a communication technology which is 100 time faster than WiFi. It takes the help of light signals to transmit data. Because of its speed it can have impact on computing technologies like Big Data Analytics.