What are the latest research topics in Software Engineering / Software Testing?

I want to know what are the latest research topics in Software Engineering / Software Testing

The software industry is evolving with godspeed. We are witnessing revolutionary changes every year! Bringing in a lot of research topics to dwell upon. Some of the best research you could go for in 2018 will be:

  • VR/ AR - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - We all heard the buzz of pokemon game where people were out on streets for real to catch a pokemon.

  • Voice Assistance - With Google voice assistant, Mac’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa the voice assistance is up in the buzz of research topics.

  • AI and Machine Learning - The main principle on which Voice assistance revolves around. It is not just the voice but there are many areas where the scope of AI and Machine learning is still being evaluated and implemented. If you are new to the concept of machine learning then the below video will be very helpful in providing you with information on an abstract level.

  • User Behaviour Tracking - With modern web browsers providing more and more features to attract users towards them. Their behaviour tracking is very important to drive better conversions to any web product.

  • Motion UI - A technology that spread in the web design industry like wildfire due to its simplistic deployment and flexible customization. Drawing motion UI has been very helpful in drawing an end user attention to the content on your website.

  • IoT - Internet of Things - The Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. So you can access every device through the internet from your refrigerator to your shower.

  • PWA - Progressive Web Apps - Ahh! The primary reason overshadowing the popularity of Native applications in recent years. PWA application provides a UI and UX similar to a native application but you don’t have to download or install them into your device storage. They are fully accessible on the internet by typing respective URL in the browser.

  • Blockchain - An incorruptible digital ledger developed for recording transactions related to any cryptocurrency.

  • Webviews - Meant to ease the 3rd party application promotion through an in-app browser. Now you don’t get pushed onto another 3rd party application, rather an in-app browser pulls the content from the web for you. With the convenience of staying in the intended application. Take Instagram for an instance, where you need to swipe up in some stories and you are redirected to a webpage through an in-app browser, rather than opening the content in chrome, safari, firefox or any other browser. You can navigate the content freely on the redirected webpage by scrolling up/down, zooming in/out or searching for a text.