What are the commonly used attributes in automation testing?

What are the commonly used attributes in automation testing?

Hi Dipen,

There are a number of attributes in HTML. However, only a few of them are used majorly for automation testing. Here are some of them:

  • id: Used to identify unique WebElements in the DOM
  • class: Helps in classifying similar WebElements
  • style: Adds CSS styling to the WebElements
  • title: Provides contextual information of the elements

Some of the major categories of attributes include:

  • Required Attributes: These attributes are a must for HTML tags. For example, you cannot display an image on the page without src for .

  • Optional Attributes: These attributes helps in giving more meaning to the elements. For example – the title for provides a title to the image, however, not mandatory.

  • Event Attributes: These attributes are triggered based on the user’s actions. For example – When you hover a mouse pointer on a particular element, it triggers the onmouseover event.

  • Standard Attributes: These are global attributes that can be used in almost all the HTML tags (e.g. id, class, style, etc.).

In order to know how to get data of attributes in JavaScript with Selenium, plz refer to the below blog: