What are the advantages of using Selenium for automated browser testing?

Can anyone please tell me the advantages of using Selenium for automated browser testing.

Have been working on Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver for many years so listing the advantages based on my experience with Selenium.

  1. Selenium is an open-source framework and it is easy to get started with the same. It supports major programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP. There is not much learning curve involved in the same since you have to learn the Selenium WebDriver commands for performing relevant actions on the WebElements on the page (or DOM).

  2. Since Selenium is open-source, it has a vibrant user community and you should be able to get answers to all your doubts online (in any of the support forums).

  3. If you want to enter into the field of automation testing but have limited coding experience, you could kick-start your automating testing career by playing around Selenium 4 IDE which not only provides record-playback testing but also lets you export the performed actions to code (in C#, Java, etc.)

  4. You can use the local Selenium Grid by downloading different browser drivers on your machine. For better scalability and parallel test execution, you could shift the testing efforts to cloud-based Selenium Grid like LambdaTest. Minimal porting effort is required and you could run the tests in parallel on the Grid.

  5. Selenium framework can be integrated with all the major CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis CI, etc.

  6. Lastly, Selenium offers multi-framework support. Hence, you can use your preferred test automation frameworks like TestNG, JUnit, etc. (for Java); PyUnit, PyTest, etc. (for Python), and more.

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you need any further information.