What are the advantages and disadvantages of code coverage?

I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of code coverage in detail. Can someone explain?

Advantages of Code Coverage

  • Helps to know how to Improve the coverage and provides effectiveness of your test code.
  • Setting up a code coverage tool isn’t a complex task and doesn’t require much time, irrespective of the type of tool being used (open-source, premium).
  • Helps in improving the code quality by capturing bugs in the code.

Disadvantages of Code Coverage

  • Code coverage tools are mostly limited to unit testing.
  • You may not be able to compare code coverage results of one tool to another as the methodology used by tools could be different.
  • The most complex task is to find the tool that suits your requirements. You need to try out the features, compare and then select the best one based on your project.
  • If your team is using multiple programming languages for test code development then you might need more than one tool.

To read more about code coverage, ways to perform code coverage or tools to use, you can refer the blog here :point_down:

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