What are Event Listeners in Selenium WebDriver?

What are Event Listeners in Selenium WebDriver?

Event Listeners in WebDriver are used to capture events that occur at various stages of WebDriver execution. These events are then handled using predefined functions of the EventListener class.EventListeners in Selenium Webdriver helps us to track the state change and execution of every event.

Event listeners help us to keep track of various operations that are executed by Selenium WebDriver. Using the Event Listeners, we can define custom code for each event.

For example, the WebDriverEventListener, which is included in the Selenium Java client driver jar file, has methods that you can implement to listen to certain events, such as “finding an element on a page” or “clicking a link”. When a particular event occurs, the corresponding method in your Event Listener class will be called. The methods defined in the WebDriverEventListener interface are listed below:

  • beforeNavigateTo(String url, WebDriver driver)

  • afterNavigateTo(String url, WebDriver driver)

  • beforeNavigateBack(WebDriver driver)

  • afterNavigateBack(WebDriver driver)

  • beforeNavigateForward(WebDriver driver)

  • afterNavigateForward(WebDriver driver)

  • beforeFindBy(By by, WebElement element, WebDriver driver)

  • afterFindBy(By by, WebElement element, WebDriver driver)

  • beforeClickOn(WebElement element, WebDriver driver)

  • afterClickOn(WebElement element, WebDriver driver)

  • beforeChangeValueOf(WebElement element, WebDriver driver)

  • afterChangeValueOf(WebElement element, WebDriver driver

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