What are CSS Animations?

What are CSS Animations?

Hi Dipen,

CSS Animation is a method of simplifying the process and detail put into animation. Earlier, things were hard without JavaScript and libraries wrapping up the functionality for web developers. It changed things for the good and gave web developers options to provide animations to their website.

With the help of CSS Animations, you can improve the overall user experience with minimal effort. But it’s not only limited to that. You can also include them in your website for the branding purpose.

The properties that come with the CSS animations can be divided into three major categories:

  1. Transformation – This property is used for transforming the dimensions, rescaling the objects, moving them from point A to B, etc.
  2. Transitions – This is used for performing the transformations smoothly.
  3. Keyframes – This property helps in changing the animation (property, value, etc.) at a given time or state.

You can go through the The Complete CSS Animations Tutorial to deep dive into each of these properties in detail: