What are Broken Images in Web Testing?

What are Broken Images in Web Testing?

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Broken Image is a link or image that does not work as it should. It may result in a 404 error, broken links or improper file extensions.

From an end-user perspective, broken images have a just as large of a negative impact as broken links on websites. Selenium WebDriver can be used to find broken images on websites, which can then be replaced or fixed.


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Can you highlight on the ways in which images are read from the server?

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There are two ways in which images are read from the server:

1. Absolute Path

The website uses the actual path (rather than relative path) in the ‘src’ attribute that specifies where to get the image file from. Where the img tag creates a place to store an image, it is needed if you want to show that photo on your screen.

2. Relative Path

Relative paths are used to position an image on a website in the correct location based on a relative rather than an absolute path.

For example, in <img src=”assets/img/image.jpg” alt=”some text”>; the path of image.jpg is relative to the root. If the website URL is https://www.someexample.com, the relative path of the image (image.jpg) will equate to https://www.someexample.com/assets/img/image.jpg

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Can you site major reasons for Broken images on a webpage?

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Some of the prominent reasons that can lead to broken images include:

  • Incorrect Image Format
  • Incorrect Image URL
  • Deleted Image File
  • Site relocation
  • 301 redirection
  • Unavailability of the server

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