What are benefits of using TestNG with Selenium?

What are benefits of using TestNG with Selenium?

Hey Brett,

The features offered by Selenium multiply when it is used along with Java-based test automation frameworks like TestNG. Most of TestNG’s features are only available through its XML configuration file. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The ability to add listeners at run time using the Java API (the XML configuration file only lets you specify classes).

  2. The @Configuration annotation, which lets you control how methods and classes are included/excluded in your test runs.

  3. The @DataProvider annotation, which makes it easy to feed data into your test methods, especially parameterized ones.

  4. The ability to run tests in their own separate instances; this way, they can be completely isolated from each other.

  5. The possibility to define dependencies between different test methods, or even different classes or packages; if a test method depends on another one (or another group), this latter will be invoked before the first one, and if it fails, the dependent one will not be run.

  6. Test methods can belong to groups, and these groups can then be included/excluded from the current test run (this is also supported by the XML configuration file). The groups can also be specified programmatically and at runtime with the Java API.

To deep dive into more benefits please go through the following blog: