We are using Nightwatch but tests are not working as expected

We have a test that works correctly on all platforms but Firefox.

On Firefox test fails with: :heavy_multiplication_x: Timed out while waiting for element <#curbcall-snippet .app #snippet-container> to be present for 30000 milliseconds. - expected “found” but got: “not found” (30230ms) The strange thing is that if I check the COMMAND tab, I think it also reports that element is found: Parameters {“using”:“css selector”,“value”:"#curbcall-snippet .app #snippet-container"} Response {“value”:[{“element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf”:“cb4421ad-9ee2-4b4d-8af7-2a20a56f8d80”}]}

So I am not sure why test consistently breaks and reports that element can not be found?

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Nightwatch by default runs on JSON wire protocol and LambdaTest platform is on W3C protocol, due to which there are some commands that are not handled as expected. To handle such issues, we have created a custom capability “enableCutomTraslation” to convert those JSON wire commands to be understandable by W3C.

Kindly try adding the capability “enableCustomTranslation”: true and give it a try.