Unable to open .CSV file during real-time session on macOS

Hi! I am downloading a file of .CSV format during the real-time session and want to open it in actual format to see the content of the file. In Windows, the downloaded file opens in the Excel format; however, in mac machines, it opens in .txt format which is not readable. How can I open the file in .CSV format?

Hi Michael! Greetings from LambdaTest!

There are 2 ways to see the content of the file:-

  1. You can either use https://send-anywhere.com to share the downloaded file to your local browser. Or, during the session, you can save the downloaded file on cloud storage(Google Drive, etc) and then download the file on your local machine to check the content.

  2. During the real-time session, the user can open Google Sheet in a new tab, log in and then import(File → import) the downloaded .CSV file to see the content during the session.

Hope that helps! Cheers!

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