Unable to get alert pop up on LambdaTest

Hi, I am trying to run my test and there’s a JS alert that needs to pop up, however that is not visible on my test video. The same works fine in my local system with a local driver.

When running on lambdatest, I also get an exception in my console which says:

{"value":{"error":"no such alert","message":"no such alert\n (Session info: chrome=85.0.4183.38)","stacktrace":"Backtrace:\n\tOrdinal0 [0x010EC933+3131699]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00FD9EC1+2006721]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00E7ACD0+568528]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00E7558F+546191]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00DF459D+17821]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00E1ECEA+191722]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00DF44D1+17617]\n\tOrdinal0 [0x00E1EB3B+191291]\n\tOrdinal0

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

For this, you can just add on a capability that is :

"unexpectedAlertBehaviour", "ignore"

This will make sure, your alert is visible when running the test over LambdaTest.

Hope this helps,

Happy testing!