[Tutorial] xUnit Testing Tutorial | Learn xUnit Testing With Selenium C# In 5 hours ▶️

This xUnit Tutorial covers everything from getting started with xUnit to performing Selenium automation testing using xUnit Framework.

In this xUnit Tutorial for beginners and experienced QA engineers, Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) explains the basics of xUnit testing with Selenium C#. This video covers how to install the xUnit framework and how to create your first xUnit project in order to execute the test. This video also helps you write tests using xUnit attributes and understand Page Object Design Pattern in Selenium C#. Furthermore, this video talks about parameterized tests in xUnit using Selenium C# and how to control the serial and parallel test execution on xUnit. By the end of this video, you will be able to perform cross browser testing and geolocation testing using xUnit on the Lambda Test platform.

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