[Tutorial] What Is JUnit Framework In Selenium? | JUnit Tutorial With Selenium ▶️

JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. It is one of a family of unit test frameworks collectively known as xUnit, originated with JUnit.

JUnit is an open-source framework developed to write tests in a simple way. It provides annotations to identify test methods and assertions for testing expected results, which helps to write codes faster and efficiently.

This is Part I of the JUnit Tutorial for beginners, wherein Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) helps you understand everything related to JUnit, from the basic functionality of JUnit to what is JUnit testing with a sample unit test structure. In this video, you will also learn what are the advantages of JUnit and the difference between version 4 of JUnit and version 5 of JUnit along with steps to migrate from JUnit v4 to JUnit v5. Further, you will get to know the three components of JUnit architecture: JUnit platform, JUnit Jupiter, and JUnit Vintage.

This video will help answer :

  • What is JUnit framework in Selenium?
  • What is JUnit testing in Java?
  • What is JUnit Jupiter?
  • What is Junit Vintage?
  • What is JUnit used for?
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