[Tutorial] Page Object Model Framework In Selenium

Learn “how to use and write page objects” to minimize the duplication of code and improve modularity & maintainability of the source code.

This video is part of the xUnit.NET Testing Tutorial Series for Beginners. In this video, Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) helps understand Page Object design pattern in Selenium C#. Along with deep-diving into how to use the Page Objects, he also demonstrates the usage of POM (Page Object Model) to run the tests in the Selenium cloud with the help of examples.

By the end of this video, you will learn :ticket: -:

:small_orange_diamond: What is the Page Object Pattern?

:small_orange_diamond: What is Page Object Model (POM) in xUnit Selenium C#?

:small_orange_diamond: What is Page object and page factory model?

:small_orange_diamond: What is a Page Object Design pattern?

:small_orange_diamond: What is the alternative of Page Object Model Design?

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