[Tutorial] NUnit with Selenium C# | Learn NUnit Testing Framework In 1 Hour ▶️

NUnit is an open-source unit testing framework in C# that has been adapted from the JUnit framework. It is used for web automated testing. In this tutorial, learn to perform Selenium automation testing using NUnit Framework.

In this NUnit Tutorial for beginners & experienced QA engineers, Karthik (@kartamd) & Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) explains how to perform NUnit testing, how to set up and run NUnit tests in Visual Studio, and how to write a test case in NUnit Testing to run a Selenium automation test using the NUnit test framework on a local Selenium Grid. Further, how to run NUnit parallel tests on cloud Selenium Grid (LambdaTest) and test locally hosted pages via the LambdaTest tunnel. Finally, you will learn Page Object Model n Selenium C# and how to integrate Page Object Pattern in NUnit tests.

You will learn:

What is NUnit used for?

What is the NUnit test project?

What is NUnit testing?

What is the NUnit framework?

What is the use of NUnit in C#?

What is NUnit in Selenium?