[Tutorial] Learn Cypress in 3 Hours | Full Cypress Tutorial ▶️

Deep dive into the basics of Cypress and various Cypress commands with the Cypress testing tutorial at Lambda Test.

Cypress Testing Tutorial series for beginners and experienced QA engineers helps you understand what is Cypress testing, how to install the Cypress plugin, and set environment variables. In addition, this tutorial walks you through the Cypress Async commands, non-Async promises, get and find commands, custom commands, and much more. Further, you will learn about Cypress fixtures, Cypress Hooks, Cypress actions, and what are assertions in Cypress. By the end of this video, you will be comfortable about how to write tests with Cypress commands, and how to perform Cypress cross-browser testing on the cloud.

You will also learn :ticket: -:

:small_blue_diamond:What are Cypress actions?

:small_blue_diamond:What are Cypress fixtures?

:small_blue_diamond:What are Cypress hooks?

:small_blue_diamond:What are Cypress mouse commands?

:small_blue_diamond:How to perform cross browser testing on Cypress cloud Grid?