[Tutorial] How To Write Tests With Cypress UI Commands?

Cypress enables writing tests with Cypress UI commands so that the user can interact with the targeted application. Learn when and how to use these commands and write tests that interact with the user interface.

This video is a part of our Cypress Testing Tutorial series. Cypress provides a number of commands that can be used to simulate a user’s interaction with an application. In this video, Chris DeSilva (@desilvadev) explains how to write tests with Cypress UI commands, interacting with the user interface, and different ways of implementing these commands with examples of UI actions that you can take for clicking, typing, checking, etc.

This video will help answer the following questions :ticket: -:

:small_blue_diamond:How do you write a test in Cypress?

:small_blue_diamond:When to use the Cypress command option?

:small_blue_diamond:How do you run Cypress commands?

:small_blue_diamond:How do you run a test in Cypress?