[Tutorial] How To Use GitLab Flow In GitLab Project ▶️

Learn how to utilize the environmental branch variations to implement the GitLab Flow in the GitLab project.

We have already seen the two variants of GitLab Flow, i.e., the environmental branch and the release branch in the previous video of this GitLab series. In this part of GitLab Tutorial for Beginners, Moss(@tech_with_moss), a DevOps engineer, utilizes the environmental branch variants to help you learn how to apply GitLab Flow to the GitLab project. Further, you will learn to create and close an “issue” within the project and understand how to use git commands like “git push,” “git pull,” “git checkout,” “git commit,” and “git branch.” By the end of this video, you will know how to sync changes between local and remote Git repositories, create merge requests, gain familiarity with the components of the merge request, and more.

You will learn -:

:small_orange_diamond: What is Git push?

:small_orange_diamond: How to use Git push?

:small_orange_diamond: What are Git commands?

:small_orange_diamond: What is Git commit and push?

:small_orange_diamond: How to implement GitLab Flow?