[Tutorial] CircleCI Tutorial for Beginners | Learn CircleCI In 30 Minutes ▶️

If you are new to CircleCI, this tutorial is the place to start. We will guide you through setting up your first account, project, and building your first CI/CD pipeline. This CircleCI tutorial covers everything from the basics of CircleCI to how a CircleCI pipeline works.

CircleCI is one of the most powerful Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platforms available, supporting development teams to test, build and deploy software. Built on top of industry-leading open source, CircleCI provides the infrastructure that powers developer tooling for modern applications. It is easy to minimize risk, increase speed, and maximize productivity through unified application delivery.

This part of the CircleCI Tutorial for beginners demonstrates how you set up a CircleCI, and how to execute your first build on CircleCI with a simple CircleCI demo while helping you learn about CircleCI Orbs. Furthermore, you will get to learn what is a pipeline in CircleCI, how to build a CircleCI pipeline, and how to integrate your CircleCI Pipeline with LambdaTest.

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