Test getting failed in c#

In general, my tests getting failed, i am using c# for my scripts.

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As said you are using c# as your automation test suite. I would request you to please remove the BrowserVersion from the capability. And you can use the below-mentioned capability for a successful run.

ChromeOptions capability= new ChromeOptions(); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“platform”, “windows 10”, true); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“resolution”, “1920x1080”, true); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“browser”, “Chrome”, true); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“version”, “87.0”, true); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“name”, “Sample Test”, true); capability.AddAdditionalCapability(“build”, “Build Number 1”, true);

Please give it a try and let me know if you have any questions.

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