Stage website testing

Hi LT team,

Can I test my local SSL site on different different type of browser versions and OS?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ian-partridge,

Yes, Lambdatest providing this feature for its users with the tunnel. let me explain to you. how can you test this?

  • First of all login your LambdaTest platform
  • Then click on the Configure tunnel and click on the desktop app
  • Then click on the launch app button if you have installed Underpass app in your local system they will open otherwise they will download
  • after open/downloading the app then minimize the app and click on the Magic link
  • after that click on the Show advanced configuration and enable the MITM mode
  • when this will be connected then go on RTT session and choose your tunnel
  • Then launch your local SSL site with HTTPS (https://localhost) on your favorite browser.

Now you can see your local SSL site is running on the Lambdatest Platform.