Screenshot behind login not working in screenshot testing

I am using the screenshot behind the login functionality of Visual UI testing; however, on mobile devices, the generated screenshots are capturing the login page instead of targeted URL. It is working fine on desktops. I have checked properly at my end. The selectors are same for mobile and desktops. I wonder what could be the reason?

Hi Helen! Greetings! Thank you for reaching out!

Usually, the reason behind this issue is different selectors between desktops and mobile devices; however, since you have already confirmed that, the only possible reason could be website not maintaining sessions. Let me explain.

It seems like your website doesn’t maintain sessions. So post-login, the new page which opens in a new tab is again the login page and a screenshot of the login page gets captured.

I would request you to get this check from your Devs and it will surely resolve the issue.

Good day!

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