Resources on Pylenium to run tests on LambdaTest

I am planning to use Pylenium (instead of PyTest) for performing parallel tests. Right now I am just testing the waters of Pylenium. Do you have any getting started kind of resources for Pylenium (especially with cloud-based Selenium Grid)?

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Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for posting the question. You can definitely run cross browser tests on LambdaTest using Pylenium. Here are the two key resources that can help you get started with Pylenium on LambdaTest:

  1. How to run Pylenium tests on LambdaTest -
  2. Pylenium Selenium Sample (with Parallel Testing) -

Do let us know if you need anything else from our side. Happy Testing!


Thanks Paul for your response. Will try it out and get back in case there are any further questions.

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