Randomising env for tests in Lambdatest

I’m wondering how can I set up my LambdaTest config so it runs each scenario in a different env. At the moment my setup is Windows - Chrome v88.0 and the config looks like this:

capabilities: [{
    alwaysMatch: {
      browserName: "Chrome",
      build: build,
      platform: "Windows 10",
      version: "88.0",
      resolution: "1680x1050",
      console: true,

What I want is basically to run

  1. Scenario 1 on Windows with Chrome v88.0
  2. Scenario 2 on MacOS with Chrome v91.0
  3. Scenario 3 on Windows with Chrome v90.0 Etc.

I noticed that various browser versions or the OS that I’m running my app on has a very big impact on the way the app behaves so I need to make sure that I have as many as possible of them covered. I had a look at the documentation and didn’t find anything that would allow me to set up my runs this way, anyone has any idea if this is even possible?

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Hi G.92,

what framework you are using. as this is code for just single script. if you can provide more details regarding framework that will help.

Hey SuruRock,

It’s a custom framework, based on webdriverio and JS

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