New Analytics Dashboard Is Out Of Beta, Support For Full HAR Logs, & More!

Hey Testers! :grinning:

Here are the major enhancements in Automation Testing :rocket:

  • The new Analytics dashboard is now out of Beta.
  • On iOS devices, the complete HAR logs are now supported.
  • We now support the private NPM dependency feature in Cypress testing.
  • While performing Cypress test automation, you can now use the build functionality to download artifacts.
  • Taiko now supports test hooks for running automated tests.
  • Automate testing on mobile browsers on the new device - Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.
  • Perform automation testing using the new Selenium 4.1.2 version.
  • Headless browser support is now available in Playwright, Puppeteer, and Taiko.
  • We introduced a live-interaction feature in Selenium testing, which allows a user to pause a running test and interact as if it were manual testing.

Start testing!

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