Issue with multi URL testing

Hi there! I am trying to do multi URL testing with the help of your GitHub NodeJS sample code but experiencing issues. Could you help me with the detailed steps?

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Hey Helen!

Please don’t worry at all! I am here to help you.

Please follow these steps to perform multi URL screenshot testing:

1)You have to clone the GitHub sample code for multi URL screenshots from GitHub: GitHub - LambdaTest/multiurl-screenshots: NodeJS script to take screenshots on multiple urls using and open it in the code editor.

2)In the app.js file, enter your LambdaTest username and access key which you will be able to find from the profile section of the LambdaTest platform.

3)In the config.js file, enter the URLs in urllist_profiles in the following format:

urllist_profiles: [{"url": ""}, {"url": " "}]

4)In the config.js file, enter the OS/browser combination on which you want to take the screenshots. Some combinations are already there which you can edit or add.

5)Now open the command prompt, change the directory to where your project is and run the command:

npm install

6)Everything is set! You can simply run the following command to begin the multi URL screenshot test:

node app.js

Once you run this command, you can open the visual UI section on the platform and you’ll see the screenshots capture in progress.

Hope that helps!

Good day!

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