Is it possible to test a PWA on LambdaTest?

I need to test my PWA in offline mode, is possible to do with LambdaTest?

Progressive Web Applications need to be responsive, browser compatible, and can be added to homescreen. How can you make sure that if your web app is fulfilling these criteria or not?

To your aid, with LambdaTest’s real time desktops, emulators, and simulators you can test if the web app you’ve developed is able to meet these. The next immediate question is how? Well, LambdaTest provides you over 1400 mobile and desktop where you can test for this.

Adding to desktop or adding to homescreen can be tested if on adding my web app is showing the expected behaviour or not for that mobile or desktop? Is my web app showing the responsive behaviour for every mobile and desktop? Is the web app compatible with all the browsers and browser versions available?