Is App Automation feasible on Emulators and Simulators?

Is App Automation feasible on Emulators and Simulators?

Hi Matthew,

It is not recommended to use emulators and simulators for app automation testing. The reason being they are designed to work with a single app at a time and not multiple apps.

There could be issues because of the way in which emulators and simulators function. Also the network speed on these devices is slower than that on real devices. So, even if the test cases pass on an emulator or simulator, the same may not happen on a real device.

The ideal scenario is to ensure that the test cases pass on real devices before you actually release your app for commercial use.

Emulator and simulator differ from real device in many ways.

  1. Emulator and simulator is always slower than real device, which means test automation might not be as fast as it should be.

  2. Test execution on emulator and simulator might lead to unexpected failures because of above reason.

  3. Some of the features are not supported by emulator and simulator like camera, NFC etc., which will cause failures in test execution.

  4. In case of android emulators, we have different flavors available like Android Studio, Genymotion etc., which might lead to different behaviors in test execution.

To deep dive into the differences you can go through the following article: