Integrate Azure DevOps with LambdaTest

I use Azure DevOps as Bug Tracking Tool. How can I integrate it with LambdaTest?

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You can integrate the Azure DevOps project by going into the integrations module on LambdaTest and select ‘+’ for Azure DevOps. On the next page, you have to enter 3 details:-

  1. Your Azure DevOps URL which you can find as “name” under “Organization setting” in Azure DevOps.
  2. Your LambdaTest email address.
  3. Access token which you can generate by going into user settings -> Personal access token -> New token.

Once you click on install, you’ll be notified “sync complete” and you’ll be able to see Azure DevOps synced.

For more help, you can reach our documentation on integrations at Integrate LambdaTest with Azure DevOps | LambdaTest.

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