I am unable in getting Iterations list in the Iteration field on LambdaTest

I am trying to bugmark using Azure DevOps Integration, My project has a list of Iterations however can’t see it while bugmark. Blocking me in successful issue Creation. What to do here?

Hey Are you getting

I can give you a work-around , You could go to the Project–>After creating Iterations from Project Configuration as here:


—>Go to Team Configuration —>Go to Iterations ---->Select all the Iterations here with +

→ You are all done. Now , resyn Azure DevOps Interation(from https://integrations.lambdatest.com/ ) and try to bug mark, You would able to see all the added Iterations in the Iteration Field of Specific Project.

Please do give it a try and I am sure, it will work for you.

Thanks for raising this. This will help others as well. :blush:

Happy Testing!

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