I am having issue with Click-Up Integration

When I go to attach a bug to a project task I can’t see what the project names are - they all just say “hidden”. Not being able to see the projects means the integration is useless

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I checked the same at my end. Got the same when I created a list, sharing an attachment here.

and in the Project field, it’s hidden, when you select that hidden and tab to the next field i.e List, you will get the created list(project2, project3,project4) as project name here and will be able to mark the bug successfully.

Also, to fetch the project name in Project field, you need to create a project in the folder as in the above attachment (project1) then it will be there in project field as below:


and would be able to mark the bug successfully.

Please give it a try and hopefully, it should work. :blush: :blush:

Happy Testing! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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