How to use tags in Cucumber?

How to use tags in Cucumber?

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Hi Jacqueline,

Today, automation frameworks offer multiple APIs that cover various use cases. While it’s good to test everything, it becomes a lot of work to mock all scenarios and their dependencies in a single feature file. We can separate them according to their test scenarios through the use of tags. Cucumber tags allow us to run only one scenario out of several matchers in a single file and not just one.

When writing automation tests for your application, you’re going to be writing a lot of code with Cucumber. For example; To mark a scenario as a regression test case in your framework, you may tag it as ‘@RegressionTest’ right above the scenario in the feature file.

You may specify the scenario to execute in your runner file once you define the tags for your scenario. You may either tag the scenario or the entire feature file that the Scenario, Outline, etc., will then automatically inherit.

To deep dive into using Tags in Cucumber please go through the following blog: