How to test mobile applications manually?

How to test mobile applications manually?

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Hey Tobi,

There are two ways you can go about it:

When it comes to mobile application manual testing, the most common way of doing so is to have a platform that is similar to the device on which you are deploying the application. So, for example, if you are developing an app for iOS, you would have some form of iOS emulator or simulator on which you could run some automated tests.

The reason why something like this would be useful is that it will allow you to verify that the application is behaving correctly regardless of what kind of device it’s being used on. Since all applications are developed with different types of devices in mind, there is no guarantee that it will work correctly on another device. So having something like this will allow you to test out your application on multiple devices without having to purchase them all.

A real device cloud is an ideal mobile testing environment for mobile app manual testers, which helps to perform onsite and offsite mobile app testing on real devices.

Real device cloud is best suitable for performing mobile app manual testing including functional, performance, etc. Testing on real devices helps to detect various bugs related to battery usage, memory leak, connectivity, etc. You can easily access the real device cloud on the go through any web browser.

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Okay, so there are two ways to test a mobile application manually. You can either work it out on a test platform that has real mobile devices or you can choose emulators/simulators to complete the task.

The first one is really easy as it allows you to test your mobile device on cloud containing extensive range of android and iOS devices. All you need to do is upload your app to cloud and choose the operating system and device you want to use to lead the test.

The second approach of using emulator and simulator is only good for initial phases of development lifecycle as it is time-consuming and less efficient compared to the cloud test platforms you can use for rapid manual mobile application testing.

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