How to share the test execution video?

I want to share the test execution video, from the executed automation test. Can I do that? If yes, how?


Hey @devan-skeem

Yes, you can share your test execution video.

To do so, you need to build a URL in the proper structure and share it. The correct syntax for the URL is:{testid/sessionid}?auth={AUTH_TOKEN}

In the above URL syntax, there are 2 variables to be filled:

  • TestID/SessionID: To get your TestID/SessionID, go to the Automation Dashboard, and click on the test whose TestID/SessionID is required. Once the test results are open, you can see the TestID/SessionID.

  • AUTH_TOKEN: The AUTH_TOKEN or Authentication Token is created with the help of MD5.

Refer to this support documentation to learn about it in detail:

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Thanks @rishabhps