How to perform mobile web browser testing?

How to perform mobile web browser testing?

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Mobile web browser testing is a process through which we can test the functionality of a mobile web application on different mobiles across different devices.

Mobile web apps are accessed by users in the same way as traditional desktop or laptop web applications—via a URL or link. Mobile web apps are built using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) and can leverage the user’s device capabilities (GPS location, camera, microphone, etc.).

Here are some of the approaches to mobile web browser testing:

  • Using Desktop browsers

  • Testing on emulators and simulators

  • Testing on Real devices

  • Cloud-based testing

  • Mobile friendly testing

You can go through the following article to deep dive into each of the approaches:


Since most people prefer to use their mobile devices as a go to option for all day-to-day operations, mobile web browser testing could help testing a web application for its functionality and performance. Here are a few ways in which you can begin with mobile web browser testing:

Use of Emulators

Using browser tool like Responsinator

Real-device testing

Cloud testing for live devices.

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