How To Install And Configure Jenkins

Wondering how to install Jenkins? This video will help you with just that. This video is a part of Jenkins Tutorial for Beginners. In this video, Moss has explained how to install Jenkins using WAR file

You will also learn about:

  • ➤ 00:00​ Introduction to Jenkins Tutorial for Beginners
  • ➤ 00:14​ What are the different methods to install and configure Jenkins
  • ➤ 00:38​ Why run Jenkins using WAR file
  • ➤ 00:59​ Prerequisities to install Jenkins using WAR file
  • ➤ 01:16​ Steps to install Jenkins using WAR file
  • ➤ 04:18​ Where to find the Administrator Password to unlock Jenkins during installation
  • ➤ 06:35​ Getting started with Jenkins dashboard
  • ➤ 07:00​ How to create a Jenkins Job
  • ➤ 07:30​ Types of Jenkins Jobs available
  • ➤ 11:08​ What is Manage Jenkins page in Jenkins Dashboard and how to use it