How To Generate Mocha Report With Mochawesome?

This video is the next part of the Selenium WebDriver JavaScript Tutorial series for beginners, wherein Ryan Howard (@ryantestsstuff) has explained how to add reports into the existing Selenium WebDriver test project with JavaScript.

This tutorial covers a step-wise advanced approach where beginners can learn the fundamentals and prerequisites for creating custom reports with the Mocha framework, adding Mochawesome into existing Selenium test projects, and more.

By the end of this video, you will learn :ticket: -:

:black_medium_square: What is Mochawesome report

:black_medium_square: Is Cypress based on mocha?

:black_medium_square: How do I set up Mochawesome?

:black_medium_square: How do I create a mocha report?

:black_medium_square: How to customize a Mochawesome report?

:black_medium_square: How do I use Mochawesome-merge?