How important is cross browser testing nowadays with modern web browsers?

Please can anyone tell me how important is cross browser testing nowadays with modern web browsers.

There are many modern web browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc., and each browser has unique characteristics. Each browser has different capabilities for supporting applications. It is, therefore, become necessary for developers to build applications that function in a similar way across different web browsers.

Therefore Cross browser testing is very important as no user wants to rely on a single browser. If your application works well on one browser, you cannot ensure that it will work on another browser. Therefore, you need cross-browser testing to test an application to ensure that it works seamlessly across all browser and OS combinations.

Advantages of Cross browser testing:

Re-usable test scripts that can be used for different platforms. There is no need to create a separate test case for an individual platform.

  • It helps to develop an application that works seamlessly across different browser environments.

  • It helps you manage and maintain web applications easily.

  • It helps to enhance the conversion rates due to browser compatibility across all platforms.

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