How does Cypress test automation framework works?

How does Cypress test automation framework works?

Hi Dipen,

Cypress is a powerful Node.JS based open-source framework used to automate web user interface tests with simple BDD. Cypress can be used for both automated end-to-end (e2e) tests and unit tests. Unlike Selenium, Cypress works completely on a real browser without the need for driver binaries. With Cypress it’s easy to test your application using the same API and commands as you use to develop your application.


According to the given architecture, Cypress acts as a test runner that runs on NodeJS server. It then uses an instrumentation-based (one of the iframe) communication pattern to run your application (another iframe) as well as any test code. This allows the Cypress code to build JavaScript objects on the fly and mock any dependencies.

This is one of the primary reasons why Cypress tests are expected to execute faster than corresponding Selenium tests.

To deep dive into Cypress test automation framework, plz go through the following bog: